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A Commitment Beyond Black Friday

Wayz, A Commitment Beyond Black Friday


The Sonder white black in the hand of a man in white t-shirt and orange overshirt

At Wayz, our commitment to ethical practices goes beyond the allure of Black Friday. While this day may be synonymous with shopping frenzies and discount-driven chaos, we, as an ethical sneaker brand, choose a different path—one that aligns with our core values and principles.

Valuing Quality Over Quantity 

We believe in the enduring value of our sneakers. Instead of participating in the fast-paced race of Black Friday, we uphold the essence of quality over quantity. Every pair of Wayz sneakers is a testament to craftsmanship, designed to withstand trends and time.

Rejecting the Culture of Excess 
Black Friday often symbolizes a culture of excess and unnecessary consumption. We stand against this tide, encouraging mindful and intentional choices. Our sneakers are not just fashion statements; they are thoughtful decisions, made with purpose and consideration for the impact on both consumers and the planet.

Prioritizing an Ethical Business Model 
Our commitment to ethical and responsible living goes far beyond a single day of sales. We prefer to focus on product value rather than relying on short-term promotional tactics by delivering products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations - timeless design, quality materials, durable construction, repairability and recyclability - and hopefully build their loyalty to Wayz.

Promoting Conscious Consumerism 
We believe in empowering our customers to make informed choices. By staying away from Black Friday, we encourage a shift in perspective—from impulsive purchases to thoughtful investments. Each pair of Wayz sneakers is a conscious step towards a more responsible and meaningful wardrobe.

The Sonder white grey and The Misfit white grey green sneaker in a salmon chair

In essence, our decision to stay away from Black Friday is not just a business strategy; it's a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible living. At Wayz, every day is an opportunity to walk the talk, and our sneakers carry the essence of a journey guided by purpose, integrity, and a profound respect for our world.

You can still buy your pair of Wayz in the coming days and weeks. You just won't find any crazy special offers beyond the ones we already have on discontinued models or the ones we sometimes offer our followers and loyal customers. Business as usual!

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