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Privacy Policy


Shoes Your Way, Lda (hereafter: "Wayz") is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and controls the data management of the website

Our Privacy Policy explains the information we collect about you, how we handle it, with what purpose and your rights to it. Wayz controls all collected data and decides how to handle that information.

Wayz reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy, without prior notice.

Our Privacy Policy, the collection, treatment and sharing of User’s Data comply with the dispositions of the Directive (EU) 2016/697, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27thApril 2016, and with the applicable Portuguese legislation and regulation.



Wayz keeps some of your personal information in a secure way for specific reasons. All of which concern you.

We use this personal information to upgrade your user experience on our online store while protecting your data.

We collect the information you provide us with (mandatory and optional). When you visit our website, our social media pages, when you register into our website, when you place an order or when you contact us directly by telephone, email, or any other available means of communication.

  • Your name, contact number, email
  • Any information you include in your communications to us or in forms you fill in when browsing through our website or social media.
  • Information you provide us with to process your orders (address, bank information)
  • Marketing preferences you selected in our website or social media.
  • Opinions or other information when you answer inquiries or make appreciations of our products.
  • Personal data you may include in contests we organize
  • Information relating transactions between you and Wayz
  • Information you provide on payments, cards and bank accounts.

We collect the information through other websites or social pages. The type of data we will be able to access depends on your active configurations and on the privacy policy of those websites, social pages, analysis websites, payment and delivery services.

We also collect information through cookies.

Whenever you access our website, you will need to accept or refuse the use of cookies. Cookies allow us to store information to make your visit the best experience possible. You are always free to not accept cookies. Not accepting cookies may impair the access to some functionalities of the website. Through cookies, we may automatically collect:

  • Age, location, idiom, gender, preferences
  • Device model and IP address
  • The frequency you use vouchers, gift cheques and promotional codes
  • Details of your utilization, how, when and where you clicked
  • Date and time you used our website and social media
  • Pages of our website you have visited and for how long
  • The website from which you entered ours



We will use your personal information only to pursue the legitimate purpose of our business and only accordingly to the permissions you have selected when registering into our website.

Marketing communication:

If you have selected an interest to receive our communication by email or social media, we will send you news on products, special offers, events.

We will only send you marketing communication that is adequate to the information we have on your preferences.

You can stop receiving our emails whenever you want to.

To do so, all you need to do is click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every newsletter you receive from us.

Once it’s done, we will update your profile to make sure that you won’t get them anymore.

Order delivery

Every time you place an order, we collect data we need to process and deliver the products you chose and we will use that information to bring your order to you.

To make your experience in our website the best possible one

The information automatically collected through cookies and the data you provided us with when you registered, allows us to store information about your characteristics and preferences so that you do not have to enter all data again next time you visit us.

Help our clients with any question

If you contact us with any question, we will use the information we have about you to answer your request in a way that is adequate to your preferences.

At any time, you can access the configuration of your permissions, the data you entered in our website and edit or delete any information you wish.



To assure a high quality service, we may have to share your information with service suppliers or business partners, such as:

Transport company – to assure the efficient delivery of your orders, it may be necessary to share name, address, email and contact number (as selected by you).

Marketing or advertising services – to fulfill marketing and advertising campaigns, including in social media, always accordingly to your preferences, it may be necessary to share name and email.

Computer support services – to offer the best possible experience when you browse our website, it may be necessary to share the account data to make a support analysis. These data also allow the validation of the identity of who asks for the support. Only strictly necessary information to the support request is shared.

Regulatory entities and bodies in several countries – it may be necessary to share your name, address, email, tax payer number with legal, fiscal and regulatory institutions to meet legal obligations, when required to.



Cookies are small software files your browser stores in your device that have information on your preferences, but not your personal data.

They are used to allow a better and fastest navigation of our website, without having to enter information each time you visit us.

How to manage cookies

Using cookies is always an option; you may or may not accept them or even manage your own cookies in the browser of your device.

Please note that by not accepting cookies or by disabling them you may be impairing the correct operation and navigation of our website.



The security of your information is very important to us.

Thus, we take certain actions to assure the security of your data, such as:

  • Whenever you access some functionalities of our website, we will ask you to enter your password
  • SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) – it guarantees that our website is secure, because it creates an encrypted signal that assures the encryption and protection of your data during the connection
  • All information in our database is kept encrypted and anonymous for your security.
  • Bank transfer security – The entities used to enable the several online payment methods guarantee not only the clients’ security, but also the sellers’. We only work with certified entities that use advanced encryption technology and constantly monitor all transactions in order to assure any fraud attempt.