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Ethically Made


As producers and consumers we have an immense power through the products we make and demand we create.
We need to be conscious about this power and act, producing and consuming responsibly, to fight mass consumption, waste and human exploitation.

Sneakers with a Humanistic Footprint

Environmental Responsibility

Eco-friendly materials

Local Sourcing

Local Production


Ethical factories

Quality materials

Fair prices

Social Responsibility

Support local communities

1% of our sales help homeless people in Porto

Eco-friendly Materials

We use eco-friendly materials:

- Biodegradable (Chromium and metal free) leather.

- Recycled plastic textile, made from Mediterranean Sea waste.

- Recycled rubber outsoles.

- Biodegradable insoles made of latex, linen and wood and wool fibres.

Local Sourcing and Production

We design, source and produce locally. All the shoe components are sourced and production takes place within a 70kms radius in Porto, Portugal.

Being close to our producers and suppliers is a big advantage because we can visit them often and build lasting relationships, work hand-in-hand, test new designs, materials and improve the quality of our sneakers.

Besides, it drastically reduces the ecological footprint of our products because we don't need to make every shoe component travel the world several times, before our sneakers get to your feet.

Ethical Partners


To ensure the highest quality of our sneakers we have carefully chosen personally, every supplier that we work with.

Our partners are family owned businesses, with decades of experience and great know-how in shoemaking, where passionate shoe artisans are paid fairly, there are good working conditions and labour laws are fully respected.

Fair Prices and the Best Value for Money

The final price is the result of our business model - we work with the least intermediaries, we have a local and simple supply chain and flexible cost structure that enables us to make high-quality, long lasting sneakers and sell at fair prices, making it accessible to more and more people.

1% to Support Local Communities

In cooperation with SAOM, a NGO from Porto, 1% of our sales will help socially vulnerable and homeless people getting their lives back on track.

We will focus our efforts in supporting these people rebuild their lives through education. Helping them to learn new skills, to get a professional diploma that later will guide them to a stable job.
We give support, they give their strength and their wish to get out of a difficult life and dream of a better future.

Because we have no doubt that everybody can choose to have a second chance...