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Wayz's Design Approach and Inspiration


We dreamt of a 100% Portuguese sneaker brand!
First of all, because we love sneakers. Passion is essential but what drives us goes beyond passion. We don’t believe in any brand, or sneaker, so we decided to make sneakers OUR WAY.

And "OUR WAY" means designing, sourcing and producing locally with the least intermediaries. But also to create sneakers with the least environmental footprint, and being able to sell them at a fair price.

As creators and producers, we have immense power through the products we make. We need to be conscious about this power and act, producing responsibly, to fight mass consumption and waste.

These assumptions pushed us to create timeless designs, step out of the fashion trends, use high quality and eco-friendly materials (vegetable tanned leather and recycled rubber) and solid construction (stitched outsoles) so that our sneakers can last more. As we usually say, we want them to be part of your life, and memories.
Since day one we also knew that we were going to design genderless (designed for Humans), seasonless and versatile sneakers to simplify our offer and to make it easier for you to choose your favourite design and colour, knowing that you can wear it all year (so it's worth the investment), and in any occasion, formal or informal.

Finally, we needed some inspiration to mix our assumptions with a coherent aesthetic that would give our sneakers a personality and an attractive and modern look.
As a local brand, and very proud of our origins, it was pretty natural for us to feel inspired by our hometown, Porto - Douro river and its bridges, the narrow and winding streets… and its People - sincere, with a strong, solid character, like the city granite escarpments and buildings, and at the same time progressive and liberal.