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THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz
THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz
THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz
THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz
THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz
THE SONDER - White Green Almond Milk - Wayz


White Green Almond Milk

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Ethically made in Porto, Portugal
1% of each sale will help homeless people In Porto

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The Sonder: A person who is authentic, special, unique and is aware that everyone around him has his own existence/essence, with different needs, thoughts, emotions and feelings.


  • Upper made out of vegetable tanned leather: aniline and suede 
  • Upper panels in recycled polyester
  • Lining 100% made out of vegetable tanned leather 
  • Outsole in recycled rubber (70%)
  • Removable insole made out of linen, latex and wool and wood fibres, covered with vegetable tanned leather.
  • Shoelaces in cotton

Delivery & Returns

  • Free delivery and returns in Portugal.
  • Delivery in the European Union for 10€.
  • Delivery in the Rest of Europe (outside EU) for 20€.
  • International returns are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • For more information, please read our Shipping and Returns policy at the bottom of the page or contact us at hello@wayzforlife.com.

Product Care

Wayz sneakers are made to last with high quality materials.
Taking proper care will make them last longer!

Do not wash your sneakers on a washing machine. They are mostly made of leather which can be easily damaged when dipped in water.
Clean the leather with a humid cloth and maintain it with a specific leather care product in the form of a spray or cream.
The suede panels can be cleaned by dry brushing.
The canvas panels and the outsole can be brushed and cleaned with water and soap.
Take out the shoelaces and wash them with water and soap.

Wayz Size Guide

36 23,9 9.40
37 23,9 - 24,2 9.40 - 9.52
38 24,2 - 25,3 9.52 - 9.96
39 25,3 - 25,6 9.96 - 10.07
40 25,6 - 26,5 10.07 - 10.43
41 26,5 - 27,2 10.43 - 10.70
42 27,2 - 27,7 10.70 - 10.90
43 27,7 - 28,4 10.90 - 11.18
44 28,4 - 29,1 11.18 - 11.45
45 29,1 - 30,1 11.45 - 11.85
46 30,2 - 30,7 11.85 - 12.08

How to measure:

Let's help you choose your perfect fit! Place a sheet of paper on the floor against the wall and put your foot (with socks) on it, heel against the wall. Draw a line from heel to toe, till the longest point. Repeat with the other foot. Measure the distance with a ruler. Pic the biggest measurement and find the size that matches on the size table. If you are in between sizes, we suggest taking the smaller one for a tight fit. Don't forget that the materials will give in with the use.

Environmental Responsibility


Social Responsibility